Meet Our Herd!


Arabian Mustang Gelding

I’m Cocoa, an Arabian Mustang cross. I am 24 years old, 14 hands high, and 800 lbs. I am always the first one to let people know it is time to eat, and to go out to pasture with my tail raised high. I like to take naps and I don’t like pigs.


Quarter Horse Paint Gelding

My name is Cowboy. I am an American Paint Horse born in 1995. I am 14.2 hands high and I weigh 900 lbs. I am missing a few molars so I prefer to eat soaked pellets. I like to be brushed and I take good care of beginners. I don’t like to have my girth tightened though.


Norwegian Fjord

Andi is my name. I am a 25 year old Norwegian Fjord. I weigh 1000 lbs. and I’m 15 hands high. I am a good worker but I don’t like to lope. I get really fuzzy in the winter so I shed a lot come spring. I also require regular salon appointments to maintain my style.


Quarter Horse

My name is Cobie. I am a 20 year old Quarter Horse. I am 15 hands high and I weigh 900 lbs. I have to wear shoes because it makes my feet feel better. I mind my own business and like to stay out of herd bickering.


Missouri Fox Trotter

I’m Diamond, a 21 year old Missouri Fox Trotter. I am 15 hands high and I weigh 1100 lbs. I am gaited which means I don’t trot, but gait, which is a smooth ride! I like to go fast but won’t unless I am asked to.