The Horses


Likes: Pets and lots of attention.  Cocoa will follow you anywhere.  He does not like being left out or left behind, he just wants to be part of the fun.  He also loves to go places, the faster the better.

Dislikes: Plastic bags, some bodies of water, and slowing down. Cocoa can be a little bit jumpy with new stimulus.  Gradually introduce him to new situations with a lot of positive reinforcement.  Remember that he is always willing to please.


Likes: Cowboy really likes attention and treats.  A puppy dog at heart, don’t let his sometimes “old man” exterior fool you.  He is also a big fan of meal time, the more the merrier.

Dislikes: Working hard. Cowboy can be a bit pushy, make sure he doesn’t invade your space looking for that elusive cookie.  He can also be sensitive with his ears when bridling.  Make sure an experienced horse person is on hand when tacking him up.



Likes: Attention and the opportunity to make new friends.  Rocky loves to be a part of the action, especially if there are others to have fun with.  Never met a carrot he didn’t like.

Dislikes: Being alone, being rushed to tack.  Rocky is as laid back as they come, but he also has a healthy amount of get up and go when asked right.  He’s always looking to please, and if he stops, he’s usually asking a question.  Make sure you’re willing to listen!

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