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Marty Lacy Scholarship Fund

Marty was an extra special person who came to TROT to ‘get back in the saddle’ after her cancer treatments. She wanted to be able to ride her own horse again, but recognized that her leg weakness and overall endurance had compromised her ability to do that safely without a little help. Our volunteers and instructor helped teach her ways to manage grooming and tacking with energy conservation in mind.  She was also able to use the ramp to mount from the offside to compensate for the lower extremity weakness. Marty was always positive and brought good cheer and an upbeat attitude with her each time she came to TROT. She was a wonderful cheerleader and ambassador for TROT, encouraging its growth and development. Her dog Wishes was always there to comfort her and snuggle and ‘talk’ to Camry!  She fought the good fight with courage and grace and her passing was difficult for everyone who was blessed with knowing her. The family’s donation to TROT in her honor was used to set up a scholarship fund. Families that need financial assistance to participate in TROT’s Adaptive Riding Program are eligible to use funds from the Marty Lacy Scholarship Fund.

Good ole Cowboy! He helped me get my “sea legs“ back! If you have or know a kid with delays or physical difficulties, I highly recommend TROT. It's a terrific program with many wonderful volunteers. Thank you, Cynthia and TROT!

Marty Lacy